Looking Back again to See Ahead Clearly


Are you currently residing in Newcastle upon Tyne and experiencing Keratoconus? If you should be then several treatments are available at opticians across the city. Keratoconus is a difficult condition, but you will find treatments out there that could help you regain your vision and might even keep you from needing glasses at all. With Keratoconus the sooner the problem is treated, the greater the opportunity of recovering your eyesight. Don’t hesitate, visit certainly one of Newcastle’s opticians today and enquire about treatment for Keratoconus.

Keratoconus is really a condition Call to Make an Appointment that affects the cornea-the transparent window in front of the eye. Keratoconus causes changes within the structure of the cornea making it weaken and thin. This results in a cone-shaped forward bulge. The negative effectation of this change is myopia, aka short-sight. Occasionally the result can be astigmatism – distortion of vision.

With Keratoconus, visual distortion may become difficult to fix with spectacles and often a different solution needs to be found. In early stages glasses with correction for astigmatism can be used. As the individual suffering ages however, the upsurge in corneal thinning and bulging causes a top irregular astigmatism. Once the utilization of glasses is no further effective, correction is achieved through the use of contacts, often rigid gas-permeable contact lenses or hybrid lenses with a tough centre or soft skirt.

More complex treatments include CXL – Corneal Collagen Cross linking with Riboflavin. This method increases the effectiveness of the cornea to stop further misshaping. Intercorneal rings are utilized if you find intolerance to contacts and once the condition continues to progress after contact lens treatment. Next the most drastic treatment is a corneal transplant, but this occurs only in the most advanced cases of Keratoconus after all other treatment have now been attempted.


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